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Research Centre
The Research Centre, which is located in FarmaSino Pharmaceuticals, is established with the support and cooperation  of the famous universities and institutes of pharmaceutical , agrochemicals , dye chemicals, fine chemicals and new drugs development. Its research team is composed of experienced experts, technicians with doctor or master degree , professional chemical synthesis workers, and is well equipped with advanced chemical synthesis and analytical instruments. There are four departments: Chemical Synthesis Department, Q.C.and Q.A. Department, New Drug Registration Department and the International Regulatory Affair Department.
With years of development, the Research Centre has the ability to carry out chemical synthesis under various kinds of reaction conditions from milligrams level to kgs and tons lot , which can supply our customers much different types of Contract Manufacturing and Contract Research services. Also it can accomplish the research and registration independently which refers to the aspects of importing drugs , Chemical drugs, Natural medicines and Biological products.
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